EnvirEng is a trailblazing engineering solutions company with a keen eye for invention

We are one of the industry leaders in data engineering solutions, and we deliver products utilizing employee engagement framework that is unparalleled. The aim of our establishment is to ensure our clients get the optimum value for their services through the proper analysis and execution of data.

Here at EnvirEng, enjoy using data to assist our clients and business partners, helping them to enhance their business services, cut down cost, while increasing profitability.

We leverage on our industry experience to give our clients the best service on how their data can be channeled as an instrument of technological transformation. This ensures sustainable growth while increasing operational efficiency. EnvirEng is at the top of the digital service chain and our enhanced analytical services give our clients the edge to stay ahead of the competition in a dog-eat-dog marketplace.

We give our clients everything they need to turn multiple sources of fiscal data into concise, actionable business processes. Kudos to our broad range of programs and services, we have created an extensive archive of easy-to-use templates for clients on the move, guaranteeing custom solutions through KPI indexes, charts, as well as simulation models for general and particular sectors.

EnvirEng employs analytical tools which are convenient, and easy to adapt to your business model in order to ascertain a clear view of your overall productivity, efficiency, and profitability. Some of our core capabilities include:

Predictive Analytics

Our ultra-modern modeling software provides you with clear insights about your company by unraveling the hidden designs and patterns of your business process through the utilization of historical data. We also give benchmarks and scorecards for organizational processes and protocols in order to evaluate your business services.

One way to test run this is by running September casino promotions here, and analysing the data that is generated from this. The business process is thorough and it can go back up to 5 years. This historical data helps us predict or have an analysis of future insights.

Data Visualization

We can help improve your budget capping as well as profit forecasting through the use of data visualization which enables us to help you plan for the future, ameliorate your risks, and secure your success in an ultra-competitive market.


Our data analytical tools and custom applications ensure you have the ability to report and distribute your data in a speedy and efficient manner. Data is only as powerful as its usability, and data which is not timeously implemented becomes useless. We ensure your company gets the required data at the right time for implementation.

There is so much more we can offer your business. To find out more about our services and how we can help you move up to the next level, please contact us here.