We have comprehensive merchandising as well as retail support solutions offering you everything your retail inventory requires, making sure your customers’ needs are provided, and staff stocking the right products at the right location. Some of the services we offer in this sector include:

In-store Merchandising

This is a service that allows your stock to be showcased at the perfect locations of your store in order to draw in your customers to purchase your products. We do these through the following ways:

  • Display: We position your products at strategic locations to entice customers into buying them.

  • Checkout: We make use of point of sale terminals as a tool to stimulate buyer interest.

  • Support: Ensure your merchandise is restocked properly on the displays while optimizing arrangement to drive sales and increase turnover.

  • Convenience: Ensure installations are executed outside store hours to limit service disruption and prevent reduction in customer service experience.

  • Ease: We make sure our services are perfectly executed without interference with your business activities.

Our in-store solutions are more than a sum of its parts. You can find out how we can help you here.

Peak Store Service

Get the right support when you need it. Our resource services will ensure you have the right manpower to cover peak periods, making sure you do not lose sales as a result of incompetent or inadequate staff. Let us show you how our services help your business:

  • Overheads: We make sure you save critical funds on recruitment and staff training, bringing down cost by making use of our professional staff.

  • Maximize Profitability: Your revenue generation is only as high as your sales. And to make sales, you have to ensure your merchandise is fully stocked in their respective sections at every given time. This particularly refers to merchandise which are in season.

  • Flexibility: We offer your business a flexible workforce, giving you the chance to enlarge or reduce your manpower depending on the situation.

  • General: We offer you and your consumers’ general support services especially during your peak periods to generate sales.

  • Replenishment: We make sure your stock is replenished at the warehouse, and if not, we reach out to your supply chain to ensure merchandise are sent from the manufacturing plant, straight to the depot, then to you, and finally your consumers.

We offer other merchandise services which may be beneficial to your business. To know more, please see here.