Understanding the fundamentals of your storage and how to optimize selling space can help you drive profitability. Find out how we can help you achieve this.

Store layout Services

Macrospace Survey

Our survey allows you to get the required data needed to plan your selling space to maximize profitability. There is nothing more crucial than making sure the right product is placed at the perfect location for your consumers.

We provide you with quality authentic data which gives you a unique insight on how to use your selling space. Our macro space solutions ensure you have the right planogram to drive store productivity and customer retention.

We will provide you with:

  • Software which makes your store planning procedure a convenience rather than a hassle.

  • Give you the raw data to ensure you build or update the perfect floor plan for your products.

  • The right tools which will help you gain the understanding you need to implement your planogram limits as well as the selling space. We have a tried and trusted methods to enable you understand the processes for ascertaining your planograms.

Planning your space is never easier than when you plan with us. Find out more here.

Smartspace Service

We ensure you get the highest possible return on your investment when you utilize our spatial data analytics. This is because we make sure your planning is optimized using real-time data making sure your planning is efficient as well as on point.

  • PlanStor: Our custom software is an all-in-one package, complete with detailed graphics and an easy user interface which helps you to map out and create your own bespoke store plan.

  • Layout Comparison: We give you the opportunity to compare and contrast different store plans against each other highlighting their strengths and weaknesses using critical parameters such as planograms, merchandise placements, and consumer convenience.

  • Sign Management: We design, and create the signage making sure each sign is perfectly placed in every part of the store to ensure readability by your consumers.

  • Visual Store: We create a visual model of your store using photorealistic 3D software as well as 2D applications to give you a trial run of your store space and looking for ways to improve user experience before going ahead to implement the physical store space.

To find out more about our Smartspace services and how we can help you, please see here.